The 5 board games to ignite your entrepreneurial spark

August 4, 2021

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Board games are an entertainment option chosen by millions of people around the world. Some predicted its demise after the arrival of video games and the development of the internet … but here they keep and keep adding new players every day.

There are classics forever, like Chess , the quintessential strategy game that included Albert Einstein, Salvador Dalí and Abraham Lincoln among his fans.

But there are other more modern games – some very recent – that continue to add new followers among entrepreneurs and millionaires. There are specific games that follow financial or business themes – like Cash flow, by Robert Kiyosaki – but not all are suitable for a Saturday with family or friends. Let’s talk about fun and exciting games here that will leave you begging for more.

I know this list is going to cause me problems with some of my friends, because there are hundreds of brilliant games. It’s hard to choose, but let’s try. Want to kick-start your entrepreneurial brain while having a good time? Here are five ideas for this weekend.

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According to Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, Catan is one of the best strategy games out there, and many other Silicon Valley executives confirm it. . Since its launch in 1995 in Germany, the game has grown like wildfire and is translated into over 18 languages, with different expansions and variations that see thousands of tournaments and clubs across the globe.

In Catán, you play as an explorer or colonizer of the island “Catán”. To do this, you need to be lucky and employ appropriate resource management strategies, strategic locations, lines of business, and negotiation management with your competition. One of the main advantages over other similar games is the nature of its board, which is constantly changing, so that no two games are ever the same; This offers endless possibilities and guarantees an exciting and addicting evening.

Professional skills:

  • Strategic vision.
  • Response to change.
  • Resource and inventory management.
  • Territory Development.
  • Negotiation.

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If you think, like me, that being an entrepreneur is about much more than finance and management, you would agree that an examination of history and cultures can be positive for any social or business conversation.

Chronology is a card game which, as the name suggests, is all about creating an accurate timeline with various historical, scientific, sporting events and more. It is a game of general knowledge (like Marathon or Trivial Pursuit ), user-friendly and fast, for everyone.

It is a game that is constantly growing and facilitates learning in the process, reinforcing sequential and historical thinking, quick reaction and a better knowledge of world history.

Professional skills:

  • General culture.
  • Sequential thinking.
  • Social abilities.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Attention and reflexes.

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Stratego is the only two-player game on this list and it’s the one you win before you start. In it, you play as the commander of an army that has different types of soldiers and weapons, belonging to a specific military hierarchy, from infantry to the highest commanders. Your objective: to catch the flag of the opposing army (before they catch yours).

At the start of the game, you need to organize your army on the board to maximize your attack and defense strategy. Around the Vis? Neither player can see the disposition of the opposing army; which is revealed as the game progresses.

They called the Stratego a simplified chess game … or a sophisticated chess game Battleship. Either way, it’s going to be a game you’ll want to keep coming back to.

Professional skills:

  • Strategic vision.
  • Managing uncertainty.
  • Planning in changing environments.
  • Risk management.
  • Resource management.

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Scrabble is an award-winning game in which competitors must compose words from a random group of letters taken from a bag; then place them on the board so that they score the most points.

Mark Zuckerberg played it at Harvard (in fact, he created a schedule to beat his main opponent) and Alec Baldwin plays it between stages, while millions of people around the planet do so competitively with tournaments on the five continents.

Scrabble is not just a play on words, but a vehicle for lateral thinking that requires the use of both hemispheres; language, spatial, math and emotional skills to avoid cognitive biases that allow you to see different options in a limited set of available letters.

In its simplicity is its genius. From this list, it’s the fastest, easy to pick up on the road and known everywhere match game.

Professional skills:

  • Lateral thinking.
  • Creative discernment.
  • Language skills.
  • Mental mathematics.

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There can’t be a list like this without one of the great classics. Monopoly is the real estate game par excellence. You surely came to hate him during your childhood (too long … and in the end all the cousins ​​ended up fighting); but it’s worth revisiting now that you’re an entrepreneurial adult. This is the game Robert Kiyosaky played with his “rich daddy” and you should also be playing.

In the game, you become a real estate entrepreneur. Depending on the version, you can buy “streets” or “countries” or “attractions”, in which you later build houses and hotels for which you charge “rent” to other unlucky people. to fall into it. You can create monopolies in communications and services … or fall into the clutches of the law and spend a few nights in jail.

Professional skills:

  • Strengthening assets.
  • Medium-term strategy.
  • Generation of cash flow.
  • Prudent credit.
  • Creation of passive income.

Find them on Amazon here ( Touristic ) and here ( Monopoly )

Honorable mentions

These are other games that you might be interested in if you want to have fun and develop new business skills.

There are hundreds of different board games to suit all tastes and ages. They are a real tool that, in addition to the specific skills of each game, will help you develop different types of intelligence, increase your social coefficient and speed up your reaction capacity.

They are also useful as a training tool within your own business. Whether at home with family or friends; With partners or collaborators, a good board game can change the dynamic, shake up the routine and create a positive atmosphere of friendship and collaboration.

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