The name of the clothing store honors the parents of the entrepreneur who opened it on East Street in Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Ark. – Ike-N-Carol’s Creations has opened in Texarkana. A clothing store for men and women. Owner Shuntrell Rogers sees this business as a way to honor her parents.

“I lost my mother (Carol Polk) three years ago,” she said. “I started praying what to do next. I always wanted to own my own business and started to feel the time was right. I decided the time was right to trust faith and now we are there. “

With clothing and accessories from Dallas clothiers and online sellers, shoppers can find interesting and unique items.

“Some of my bestsellers are my cardigan suits,” she said. “Plus, handmade gift baskets sell well. “

The store was set up just in time for the holidays.

“Our grand opening was huge,” she said. “Since then, people have been discovering us regularly, here and there during each week.”

Some may ask about the name as well as whether the cardinals, or red birds, are quite prominent in store signage and decor. Rogers can explain both.

“I have decided to honor my father and my mother on behalf of the store,” she said. “I wanted to have something that would highlight the names of Carol and Ike. After my mother died, I prayed for advice on the next step. I felt the need to go in that direction. . “

As for the importance of the cardinal, Rogers says the bird is supposed to come when the deceased is present.

“Cardinals tended to come back right after my mother died,” she said. “So the red bird can be seen everywhere in my house.”

(Ike-N-Carol’s Creations is located at # 2 College Hill Center, Suite 3 on East Street.)

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