The Secrets to Personal Branding Success

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Have you ever wondered why there are brands that always seem to catch your eye and others that never seem to step out of the unseen, unknown and unreliable world?

With the evolution of the digital world, there are many personal brands that may catch our attention, but not everyone knows the secrets of which personal brands you know and which you don’t. Those who have mastered the art of personal branding, like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Marie Forleo, know a thing or two about expanding their exposure and social impact. But is it really as simple as getting a push from the press and being seen?

Positioning yourself online in 2022 can be tough. Yet, as a personal brand in a world that needs human connection and authenticity more than ever, you have room to play and a disconnected world to exploit. So how do you become one of the brands people know and love and not get buried among the masses?

Keep reading to discover five ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd and build an enthusiastic fan following.

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5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand and Influence in 2022

You connect with brands because of who they are and how they present themselves. They capture your attention and connect with you on an emotional level. Before you know it, they imprint themselves on your mind as a trustworthy brand and go-to source.

As a personal brand, you can humanize your business, connect with your audience, and become accessible, trustworthy, and memorable. Here’s how to do it correctly:

1. Have total clarity

Be sure to define who you are as a brand so you can share your message and story clearly and authentically. A deeper understanding of the market will help you position yourself by finding the “gap” and filling it with your unique offering.

Combine this with psychological awareness of your client or customer, and you can apply it to your messaging framework and marketing strategy. When you know your audience’s wants, pains, language, and where they hang out, it becomes easy to connect with them.

2. Being human is your advantage

You want to be approachable and trustworthy, especially if your audience is millennial or younger. Sometimes that means your brand isn’t always focused on glorious achievements. A difficult situation that taught you a lesson, a professional challenge that you faced, all contribute to creating that personal feeling that everyone is looking for. Remember, people are irrational beings. They often choose one brand over another not for objective reasons such as price and market share, but for subjective reasons: they like you, identify with you, and see themselves in you.

Building an emotional and human connection with your audience is crucial, but remember to demonstrate what makes you human and don’t shy away from imperfections.

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3. Use your story

One of the benefits of being a personal brand is that you can make the most of the most powerful tool: storytelling. Relatable stories pique our interest as humans through emotional connection and personal resonance. These have become invaluable tools for brands today.

Remember: you have a personal brand and a story to tell, but it’s not about you. You need to understand your audience’s pains and issues and avoid continually sharing your journey without connecting it to theirs.

4. Don’t Underestimate Consistency

Without consistency, your audience will forget you exist and the algorithms won’t be on your side (so the likelihood of your content reaching your audience will be low). Consider the SEO and algorithms of the platform you are posting to, as this determines whether you are seen or not. It is worth doing your due diligence to understand their rules. Present yourself regularly on all platforms and stay consistent with your brand and your values.

Stay accountable by implementing a content strategy and planning system, and consider outsourcing content creation.

5. Use your network

Do you want your customers to come to you instead of rushing to find them? Your network is your greatest asset to help you increase your visibility.

Few million dollar or 6-figure businesses scale from selling to friends and family. One of the best ways to be seen, known, trusted, and loved is to tap into other audiences where your ideal customer is already chilling and connecting.

You can blog on established platforms, speak on podcasts, and network at events, both online and offline. Not only does this get you exposure, but you’ll also earn those sought-after “featured on” logos that guarantee your position as an expert in your field. You can take the time to do this yourself or team up with a PR agency that already has those connections.

The secret? It takes work: time, money or both. Apply any or all of these tips today, and when you’re ready to take it to the next level, partner with others who have mastered the process with proven systems and frameworks, so you can gain exposure and the recognition you need and want.

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