The “Sophomore Experience” course helps sophomores explore their academic, life, and career goals

University Relations

The Pi Beta Phi gate at the north entrance to the U of A campus.

The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Team is excited to offer a new class for sophomores at U of A. The course, titled “The Sophomore Experience,” will begin in the spring 2023 and is designed for sophomores exploring their academic, career, and life goals.

“We created this course to allow students to explore opportunities,” said Deb Korth, director of Fulbright College Student Success. “Since many students are still deciding their path, life goals, and major in their second year, we wanted them to have a place where they could be introspective while working to become a professional.”

Lynn Meade, Assistant Professor of Student Success Education and Communications Instructor, will lead the interactive, student-centered course.

“This course combines all the things I love to teach — self-exploration, storytelling, and professionalism,” Meade said. “Students in this class will have the opportunity to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan. The goal is not, ‘what do you want to do?’ but rather ‘who do you want to be?'”

“My greatest goal is to empower students to succeed, to achieve their academic and life goals, and to feel like they have the personal knowledge and self-confidence to pursue those goals.” she added.

Meade said students can expect interaction and activity to be the cornerstone of the course.

“We’re going to talk about a concept and then put that concept into action,” she said. “For example, students will learn about networking and professional communication, then practice those skills while dining with community and campus leaders.”

Meade, recipient of the Fulbright Master Teacher Award and the Imhoff Award for Teaching and Mentoring, encourages sophomores to explore the course when planning the spring semester and reminds students that all majors at all colleges are invited to register. For those interested, the course code is ARSC2003.

“We know students want classroom experiences,” Meade said. “They want to do more than just talk about things; they want to do things. Not only that, but they look for the meaning behind what they learn – and this course helps our second year students ask the right questions that lead them to these answers.

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