The Think Like an Entrepreneur 2022 session is launched in September

grow hay

Grow Hays, in association with the Network Kansas E-Community Partnership, announced the “Think Like an Entrepreneur” – Ice House Entrepreneurship program offered in Ellis County beginning September 14. Sessions will take place over eight weeks on Wednesdays – Sept. November 14-2. Program fee of $150 for adults and $75 for students. The fee covers meals covered. An early bird prize of $100 is available if you register and pay by September 2. The objective of the course is to teach participants to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Taught by Kris Munsch, a Certified Ice House Facilitator, this eight-week interactive program offers practical lessons in entrepreneurship through first-hand experiences of successful, real-life entrepreneurs. Based on the book, Who Owns the Ice House, this program includes case studies as well as individual assignments, assessments and discussion topics. This popular course is only offered a handful of times a year statewide and Grow Hays is thrilled to have local Kris Munsch teaching the course.

“To think like an entrepreneur, you have to start at the beginning. The beginning is ‘what is a mindset?’ I believe we need this understanding, a fundamental part of self, and from there we can search, explore and build our way,” Munsch said.

For more information contact Ernee Sly at 785.628.3102 or [email protected]

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