Top 10 Most Interesting People in Shipping

To celebrate its 200th podcast episode, the world’s most popular maritime podcast – Lena Göthberg’s Maritime Podcast – has announced the ten most interesting people in the shipping industry, measured by the number of episodes uploaded throughout throughout the show’s relatively long seven-year history.

For new members of our industry who may not be familiar with the show. Lena Göthberg has worked in the industry for over 25 years and is a magnet for interesting and influential people with stories to tell. Inspired by both her maritime and digital friends, she took to the mic in July 2015 to spread the word about the coolest industry on the planet and help raise the profile of the maritime industry, all by herself.

“The shipping industry is all about people, maybe that’s why I love it so much,” says Lena. “You can listen to the voices of the maritime industry, talk about their passion for their work, what they think about the future and the current state of our industry.”

The Top 10 Expedition Podcast

#10 Patrick Verhoeven, Director General of the International Association of Ports and Harbors

According to Patrick Verhoeven and the IAPH, Intelligent, Autonomous and Integrated is the sign of a future port. Listen to Patrick talk about the areas the trade association of ports around the world has identified as priority areas for the future. Episode link

#9 Frank Relou, Sales and Business Development Manager, Sea Machines Robotics

In September, Lena had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Releo of autonomous shipping company Sea Machines to discuss autonomous navigation, AI, and the Internet of Things, among other things.

When can we expect autonomous ships? Can the fleet of sailboats be modernized to become autonomous? How do we attract young people to our industry? Why is it taking so long to turn this conservative industry on a new course? Episode link

#8 Birgit Liodden, first female director of NOR Shipping

Birgit Liodden is the first female director of NOR Shipping, where she worked to establish NOR Shipping as the innovative hub for the Scandinavian shipping community. She is the founder and first general secretary of YoungShip International. Episode link

#7 Ley Hoon Quah, Managing Director, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Ley Hoon Quah, Chief Executive of the Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore (MPA) sounds very enthusiastic when describing the maritime industry. She saw the potential for our industry to become one of the most sought-after places to work for the next generation. Therefore, we must join forces and promote it. Episode link

#6 Captain Hans Hederström, Consultant, Marine Consultancy Group

“People don’t like change”, are the words of the interviewee in this episode, Captain Hans Hederström, consultant, Marine Consultancy Group. During his interview, Captain Hederström shares the impact he has had on the development of maritime safety and in particular on the management of bridge resources. We hear the story of how the Center for Maritime Simulator Training, CSMART, was established in Almere, the Netherlands, and how that dream came true for Hans. Episode link

#5 Lars Säfverstroem, Non-Executive Director, GAC Main Board

Meet Lars Säfverström, Non-Executive Director of the GAC Main Board. Lars has been in the maritime world for a very long time. In this episode, he shares with Lena the perspective of working in other cultures, how you need to keep your eyes on the ball at all times, and how the Internet of Everything will impact the shipping industry. Episode link

#4 Captain Frank Coles, British-American entrepreneur and maritime lawyer

In episode 165, you meet Frank Coles, former CEO of Wallem and Transas, and hear his views on a fair future for seafarers, IMO’s theme for Seafarer’s Day.

Frank shares his thoughts on many things that need to change for seafarers to have a fair future.
– a clear career path
– Get paid
– to eat
– get to go home
– allowed breaks to rest also at the port

Frank is a strong sailor advocate. Of course, not all of you will agree with him, but at least he contributes to the conversation we need to have. Episode link

@frankly_coles on Twitter

#3 Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen, Maersk Line Master and Board Member

Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen is an active sailing captain and board member of Maersk Line, is one of the most visible role models in the maritime industry. Thomas has been sailing for almost thirty years and has experience with many different vessels. Currently, his ship – the M/V Venta Maersk – is trading in the Baltic Sea region and this year he is enjoying ice sailing.

Captain Thomas acknowledges that the biggest change he has seen in his career is the arrival of the Internet in our industry.

We get so many ideas from Captain Thomas in this episode. He talks about opportunities with the development of new technologies, and it’s obvious he loves his job.

Thomas shares his concerns about being public on social media. It gives perspective on how we can showcase the maritime industry to the world using social media. Episode link

@captainthomas_official on Instagram

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#2 Captain Kate McCue, Celebrity Equinox Master, Celebrity Cruises

Captain Kate was the first American woman to command a ‘mega’ cruise ship, which happened in 2015, but hear her story of how she applied to work in the onboard bar when she was first time trying to be a sailor because she didn’t. get hired otherwise. 19 years later, she is the captain of the ship and today she commands over 1,200 people aboard her cruise ship.

Of course, they’re talking about Bug, the pet that Captain Kate brings to work and also on her travels around the world. bugnaked has nearly 24,000 followers on Instagram and it’s a must-follow too. Episode link

@captainkatemccue on Instagram

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#1 Captain John A Konrad V, founder and CEO of gCaptain

John Konrad, who was also recently named Able Seaman of the Year at Fort Schuyler, is the original influencer in the maritime industry. He launched the gCaptain in 2007 and built it to become the largest media in the maritime domain. John wants to change the narrative of the maritime industry and agrees that we need to work together to create sustainable marketing for and about the maritime industry.

John is a huge Greta Thunberg fan; she says things that people don’t want to hear. But that’s what we also have to do; talk about the good and bad sides of our industry. If we don’t recognize the problems we have as an industry, we can’t solve them – and improve. Episode link

@johnkonrad on Twitter

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