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In the field of international fashion, Alexandre marinella is known as an accomplished fashion entrepreneur and businessman. He currently runs E.Marinella, a tie brand that offers bespoke tailoring services around the world. Founded in 1914 by Don Eugenio Marinella, E.Marinella is today an iconic brand that has propelled Neapolitan fashion and style to all corners of the world.

We sat down for a brief interview with Alessandro Marinella and asked him questions about his passions, ideals and of course, the E.Marinella brand.

Who has been your greatest mentor in the fashion industry?

It must be my father Maurizio Marinella. He has been a wonderful guide for me in cultivating an innovative mindset and deepening my business acumen. As he is the backbone of E. Marinella, my father is also a great inspiration to me. The brand’s rapid growth in an international market is entirely due to him.

What makes E.Marinella different from other brands?

For starters, E.Marinella offers hand-sewn ties. Even the printing is done by hand. We use the highest quality materials and the end result is a beautiful tie true to Neapolitan craftsmanship and tradition. E.Marinella brings a human touch to its products and that’s probably why people literally relish the feeling of wearing our ties.

As a fashion entrepreneur, what is your greatest passion?

It’s about bringing a blend of style and tradition to the international fashion scene. I am very attached to the Neapolitan culture and through E.Marinella and the platform that I have, I aim to take it forward and promote it as much as possible.

What would be your message to young people experimenting with styles and fashion?

I think I would tell them to prioritize comfort over anything else. Additionally, I believe that whatever you wear should match your personal style ideas and not the current trends that are constantly changing.

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