Uttar Pradesh businessman kidnaps and murders son of business partner to get loan back; Stopped

A businessman and four of his associates in Uttar Pradesh kidnapped and murdered the 23-year-old son of another businessman after a dispute over money.

The State Special Task Force (STF) has arrested the criminal identified as Harsh Chauhan, his friend Sumit Aswani and his associates Happy Khanna, Manoj Bansal and Rinku Singh, the Indian Express reported.

The victim was identified as Sachin Chauhan, son of Suresh Chauhan, a government contractor and owner of a cold store. Harsh Chauhan’s father, Lekhraj Chauhan, is a business partner of the victim’s father.

The incident took place on June 21, when Sachin left the house saying he would be back in the late afternoon. Family members tried to reach him by phone after not hearing from him until late that evening. An unidentified person answered the call and claimed that Sachin was under the influence of alcohol and would return home the next day.

Without hearing from him the next day, the father filed a disappearance report at the New Agra police station and the team immediately opened the investigation. The STF also joined the search operation.

Police arrested associate Happy Khanna on June 27, after receiving an information, followed by the arrest of Bansal and Aswani. During questioning, Khanna confessed to kidnapping the 23-year-old victim near her home in Agra.

Aswani revealed that the kidnapping was the plan of Harsh Chauhan, from whom the victim borrowed 40 lakhs as a loan. Sachin hadn’t returned the money for a long time.

Following this, he planned to remove it and demand ₹ 2 crore as a ransom from his family. The five men later killed him for fear that the victim would disclose their names.

Police said they then wrapped up and took the body to a cremation site where the late COVID’s final rites were being performed. The group claimed the victim died of COVID-19.

The defendants planned to collect the ransom, but the timely search operation by the police caught them all.

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