Worried that you don’t have the experience or expertise to get into sales or embark on a new career? Take it from a Luddite turned tech sales leader: “People buy people”

There are so many amazing women in my life, and I’m sure you admire a lot of them too. So, I want us to celebrate them and, above all, to learn from them. That’s why I’m hosting a new Your Edge podcast series featuring “Women Who Wow”.

Some of the guests I will invite to join these discussions have had quite distinguished careers and have risen to leadership positions within their organizations and industries. Others have led the charge for change in their businesses, communities and society at scale. All chart their own paths in life – and open up new paths for other women to follow. My first guest, Jane Denisticks all of these boxes and more.

She’s a rockstar! Seriously. She’s smart, silly, and the kind of person who really wants to get to know everyone she meets, even if it’s just for a moment. To be honest, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t instantly love it, especially among our customers. And, to give you an idea of ​​just how trusted and respected she is in business, the UK native was asked to cross the pond to the US to help guide a major retail brand in its digital transformation as a strategic partner.

Here’s the kicker: Jane – the sales manager for multinational accounts at Zebra – is known to be a Luddite. That’s right! Even after 20 years in tech, she’s still not a technically minded person, even though she’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world solve even bigger challenges using technology. But I think that says a lot about the validity of his claim that “people buy people before buying a product.”

Of course, it also helps that she’s a serious listener. As she puts it so well:

You only have two ears and one mouth. Use them in proportion.”

Trust me when I say that no matter who you are, what you do or where you want to be in 20 years, you need to take 30 minutes to listen to Jane’s story and her advice to others who want to build strong relationships. and successful careers. .

We are talking about…

  • why Jane decided to relaunch her career in tech after spending 20 years selling encyclopedias (and how it got into sales originally).
  • how she went on to manage some of the largest retail, transportation and logistics accounts for a Fortune 500 technology company (After admitting to being the “problem child” in meetings centered on tech discussions.)
  • how his “learn from scratch” style has benefited him throughout his career (and why she thinks her success is attributed to the time she spent on the front lines, restocking shelves, making deliveries, and putting herself in other people’s shoes).
  • the challenges she faced over the years as a woman in tech sales (and how she worked for #BreakTheBias.)
  • why she will never “manage” people, preferring to show leadership, but does her best to manage stress. (The latter of which she credits as a condition for enjoying her work so much.)
  • how personal style fits into the business equation (and how she defines hers).
  • what she learned about working and living in different parts of the world (and the emotions she felt returning to the office after some time away during the pandemic).
  • how she went through big life changes despite her nerves (and you can too).
  • what it takes to become a successful salesperson, no matter what you sell or what industry you’re in.
  • why success depends on who you surround yourself with (especially as a seller).

Honestly, she shared so many great tips and ideas that I’ve bookmarked our conversation so I can revisit it when I need some inspiration or just a reminder of what matters most in the relationships and business. I hope you too !

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